EntreVolcanes Coffee

It is a high-altitude shade-grown coffee, special since its origin. The soils that feed it are fertilized with volcanic ashes from imposing volcanoes on the mountains of Tolima, Colombia. 100% Colombian Coffee, the waters used in the cultivation come from water springs inside the farm. The sun that triggers the flowering, filters through various endemic trees, which provide gentle shade to coffee trees, protecting the biodiversity of the region. Our peasants, masters of tradition, take care of the germination and manually select the best fruits from the harvest. EntreVolcanes Coffee seeks, via sharing stories, to connect the intimate moment of your cup with the authentic, colorful reality of the rural paradise where it is harvested.

Cup Score: 84;
Aroma: Chocolate, Baked Almonds, Sugar Cane;
Flavor: Caramel, Sweet Chocolate, Apple
Residual Flavor: Fresh;
Acidity: Live
Body: Good; Balance: Balanced
Uniformity, clean cup and sweetness: Excellent