Our Coffee

In the fertile volcanic soils of Tolima, Colombia in a territory hidden between mountains and coffee plantations, a delicious coffee is produced, with cocoa and baked almonds aroma, caramel flavor, alive and fair acidity, good body and balanced. This coffee is produced with the peasants of El Mirador village in Libano, Tolima, with the idea that small farmers in this region can receive a fair price for their work.

Cup Score: 84;
Aroma: Chocolate, Baked Almonds, Sugar Cane;
Flavor: Caramel, Sweet Chocolate, Apple
Residual Flavor: Fresh;
Acidity: Live
Body: Good; Balance: Balanced
Uniformity, clean cup and sweetness: Excellent

Our Coffee is grown under a gentle shade from endemic trees at 1350m elevation. Our coffee trees are from Colombia F7 and Geisha varieties, and grow in The Farm called La Ucrania – Libano, Tolima. The trees develop among fruit trees (mango, avocado, citrus, banana, guamo, guava, papaya, soursop, guanabana, arazá, cupazú, mangostino and Cocoa); Walnut, oak, cedar, vanilla, purple flower, mother-of-water, and south-american bambú.

Our seed is selected from the best coffee trees in a process that has taken more than 30 years. In the handling of the coffee only water from springs is used and we use sunlight to the drying process. Weed and pests control is done by hand without using any herbicide or pesticide. Our soils are volcanic and are fertilized with organic elements and simple fertilizers.

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