Social Initiative


As expressed by our mission, Café EntreVolcanes, is a movement that awakens awareness and positively transforms coffee consumers and producers, radiating well-being and integrating them, while providing happiness to those who take it. A tool for prosperity for young people who can dream themselves in a better Colombian countryside.

We want to dream big together with the peasants of the rural community: El Mirador and La Alcancía. We seek to engage especially with the youngsters, strengthening initiatives that generate well-being and happiness. To give skills so that they can pursue the life they have reasons to value.

Our collective initiative:

Laboratory of Innovation of Local Tradition (Agro – Culture – Social Value Added)

  • Café EntreVolcanes (Beans / Grinded) national and international sales: (Currently in place)

To purchase green coffee beans from neighboring farms (small producers – They get a better price than the one from the National Federation of Coffee Growers or private  buyers) We establish a direct link between producers and the final consumer without intermediaries.

  • Living Classrooms:

Where they are taught – Workshops / Technical training / Exchanges / design processes. Starting point for local enterprise initiatives.

  • La Vereda:

Local coffee shop – Café + restaurant + cooperative (Convenio, Libano) – Managed by the young people from the rural community. Tourists / locals – It allows them to know living conditions. (Conferences / gatherings / cultural agenda / activities) Local allies. (Fruit / Medicinal / Cocoa / Knowledge and tradition – value added products – try to reach the final consumer with quality, color, stories and attention) (Sales alliances in different urban areas of Colombia, eg Pereira, Manizales, Bogotá, Cali, Bucaramanga etc)


Leaders for the countryside transformation (Learning while Playing in Partnership with Tiempo de Juego)

  • Complementary academic lesson at the rural schools
  • Football Schools – Art with an emphasis on training leaders for the transformation of the rural community (non cognitive skills for life- improving mindset – self-knowledge – social intelligence).
  • Discover the Mystery: Local tourism program offering exchange with foreigners, strengthening the coffee identity by sharing the magic and tradition of the coffee mountains of Colombia.