Where does the coffee you drink comes from?

EntreVolcanes grows in a very special territory. Everything here conspires so that the cup you drink takes you to such amazing, diverse, natural and magical land,  full of stories that speak of tradition and coffee.

EntreVolcanes is grown in the vereda El Mirador, in the region of Convenio, part of El Libano municipality, department of El Tolima. From the coffee plantation you can see the Ruiz volcano, which makes us remember the tragedy of its explosion, but, like all in nature, such volcanic power has also made this land immensely rich and fertile, as they say there:

-¨The only thing that doesn’t grows here… is whatever you don´t plant¨

This coffee is unique. Don´t expect to find the typical image of hills and hills of coffee, here mountains are monumental, slopes abrupt, and the coffee grows within frutal and native forests, diversity which enrich the cup, and life itself.

Discover the mystery, drink a cup of EntreVolcanes, close your eyes, travel with us to this mithical land, where the most sublime coffee grows.

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